Private collectors and corporate clients like Rand Merchant Bank, FirstRand Bank and MTN, rely on us to look after their art management. Cataloguing, oversight processes and strategic reporting help our clients make valuable decisions for their collections.

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Our legacy database is outdated. We’ve lost track of our art between storerooms, and global offices.

We need a full stock take. We can’t reconcile the art register.

Help with preparing, keeping track and reporting on budgeted spend is important to the business.

We need someone who understands art and accounting to help our accountants implement our needs.

Our curator requires assistance with excel spreadsheets and managing and inputting data into our art management system.

We need advice to set up an art policy and help with establishing an art committee.

Our brand would benefit by sharing the collection with others.

Short on time or expertise?

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Between my homes, the galleries and some pieces on loan, I wish I could easily track where all my art work is.

I don’t have up to date valuations for each art piece.

I don’t have full art records to easily prove an insurance claim, and I may be underinsured.

A cloud-based system is ideal. Choosing the right software is difficult and finding time to upload the data, is near impossible.

Remote access to my collection would be ideal. I could view my collection on the go at galleries, auctions and show my friends.

I’ve never thought through a buying strategy to enhance my collection.

I struggle to decide how to fairly pass my collection to my heirs.

Concerned about aspects of your collection?

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Carolynne Waterhouse • RMB Marketing

“LuckyMan Art's passion for art, combined with a sound understanding of corporate requirements, position them for transformative art collection management.

Their talent for holistic project management is evident. Professionally equipped across all areas of art-linked administration and logistics, their resolve and positive attitude, make them valuable consultants and implementers for corporate art management.”

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What is LuckyMan Art Management?

We’re different to most other art service providers you’ll find out there.
We’re a chartered accountant led team who understand both art and business.
This means we’re able to take care of all the nitty gritty, behind the scene details that go into owning and managing a great art collection.



Collections develop and evolve over time. The bigger the collection grows, the more the need for a systematic approach to record, administer and showcase your collection.
The most successful collections are managed on robust information and on a principled basis.


That’s why when we think about art collections, we think in 3’s.

We call it the D-O-S System, which we bring to every engagement.

Data management services for art collections

Data Management

Oversight services for art collections


Showcasing services for art collections


Teresa Lizamore.png

Teresa Lizamore • Owner Lizamore & Associates, Gallery

“LuckyMan Art was appointed for amongst other things, to collate, document, and provide art management”.

“With their keen interest in and understanding of fine art corporate collections they have proven their worth in the industry. I recommend LuckyMan Art to any private collector or corporate, interested in making use of their services."

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This is what we do

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Data management

Quality information is the foundation...

You get peace of mind and greater control of your appreciating assets.

We sort through and clean-up your existing data so that you will know what’s in your collection, how much it's worth and where it is. We’ll even handle stock takes based on audit best practice, arrange for professional appraisals, and advise on and prepare journal entries if needed.

Accurate reporting...

You get intuitive and functional online access to your collection, providing real insights, enabling informed decisions.

Art management requires an art database system appropriate to your collection. We can assess and work with your current system or if you are ready, and need to upgrade, suggest other cloud based art management systems.
We will source and input the required information into your database for you. Once complete, we can provide you with strategic reporting on your collection.

Logistics and project management is taken care of...

You get a completely managed project, minimising your involvement.

We coordinate everyone that needs to be involved, including third parties like insurers and appraisers. Leave any tagging, photography and storeroom management to us.


An art policy takes the guess work out of managing your collection...

You get a tailored document covering what needs to be done for every aspect of your collection’s well being.

For corporates, we help establish an art governance process. This ensures transparency, accountability and a process to follow for successive custodians.
For private collectors, we provide a documented guide for your collection. Budgeting, art loans, committee/family meetings, storage, framing, security, insurance and so on.

An art buying guide sets the strategy and roadmap for your collection...

You get a clearly defined and trackable investment strategy, minimising debate and doubt around acquisitions and sales.

Without a defined strategy, your collection runs the risk of becoming an accumulation of art and not a collection of art, and potentially losing value. We help you define your intention, investment rationale, artist selection, the significance of each purchase and more.

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Exhibiting your collection...

You get to raise your collection’s profile, and share its story. Enjoy the buzz of an event for staff, clients, friends or the public. Build your brand and expand help grow the creative economy.

Using the analytics from the data management phase, we can assist turning your art from a static collection into an interactive and educational display.

Depending on your collection and the type of exhibition proposed, we use different media, online and off.

Corporate Collectors...

  • Pop up art exhibitions
  • Public access touchscreen kiosks for clients and staff
  • Internal (intranet) or external website
  • Creation of an art lovers database
  • Art walk- abouts
  • Art newsletters

Private Collectors...

  • Phone and tablet app to display your new and favourite pieces to colleagues and friends
  • Website
  • Convert your art collection to a coffee table book
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Curious about what we can do for your collection?

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Brian Croock • Private Collector


“I didn’t know this service was available…

For many years, I’ve not really known what was in my art collection and how much it was worth. When I heard about LuckyMan Art Management, I jumped at the opportunity to have a third party come in and sort through my collection.

I was initially concerned that their services were focussed more on the corporate market and for a private collection would be an overkill. As it turned out, their corporate experience meant that I was dealing with a professional outfit and they adjusted their services to what I needed.

I now know where every piece in my collection is, what it is worth and as a percentage, its value in my overall portfolio. During the forest fires last year, my Plett home almost burnt down and had this happened, I would not have known what insurance claim to put in.

LuckyMan Art also removed the emotional element for me of how to fairly bequeath pieces to each of my daughters, and I can rest easier knowing there is one less aggravation for my family after I'm gone.

If you need help with your collection, give LuckyMan Art a call”.

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We recognise not everyone is at exactly the same place with their collection and no one package of services suits everyone.
This is why we first understand your needs and your collection. Immediately and into the future.
Then we help you design a package of services specific to your collection’s needs.


Every collection is different and so is every engagement.
You can outsource some aspects of your art management to us or let us take care of it all.
It’s entirely up to you.


We will work with you to agree a project-based estimate, based on the services you require.

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Art software implementation & updates
Full stock count
Data cleanup

Establish and drive art policy
Committee report back on strategy implementation

Implement touch screen displays
Art walkabouts

See all our corporate art services

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Software implementation & updates
Digitising data/records
Art wealth management reporting

Establishing an art buying guide
Defining/Refining art strategy

A dedicated phone and tablet app to display art to colleagues and friends

See all our private art services

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This is how we go about taking care of your art COLLECTION

Refined over 8 years, our system works for both corporate and private collections. A typical engagement works like this:

First step in the art management service is understanding your vision and requirements.png

Your Vision

We spend time with you understanding your vision and requirements. We also like to see your collection first hand where possible. Not only because we love viewing art but to appreciate its extent and understand what’s needed. We’ll also take a look at your current art management and record systems.


Custom Strategy

With your vision and collection fresh in our minds, we’ll send you a proposal suggesting ways to enhance and possibly improve on your art management processes. This may include an updated software database system for you to consider.

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Third step in the art management service process is working remotely on your collection.png


Once we have an agreed scope of work in place, we commence work on site and remotely. Engagements can take a few weeks to several months depending on the extent of the work and size of the collection. For larger projects, we agree upfront, the key milestone dates.



Handover. This is when we show you or your staff how to keep the collection updated and catalogued. If you are short on time or resources, we can take care of the ongoing administration for you. If needed, we can help you keep your administration updated and in control.

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Last step in the art management service process is making sure your art collection is taken care of.png

Ongoing Support

From time to time you may have a special request. We’re happy to jump in and help.  We can project manage sales of excess art works or oversee a professional cleaning service for your fine art and sculptures. Sometimes we even get involved in project managing restorations.

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Interested in Improving your collection's value?


Jaco van Wyk • Head Group Finance, FirstRand Bank Limited



“LuckyMan Art have done tremendous work in assisting us in getting a detailed Art Acquisition and Management Policy in place.

Their enthusiasm for the subject matter is obvious and they engage pro-actively with the various role players involved. Their attention to detail and follow-through in sometimes difficult circumstances (availability of records, access to art pieces etc.) has been impressive. Their interaction with colleagues is always honest, open and courteous."

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We would love to hear about your collection…


Private collectors and corporate clients rely on us to look after their art administration.

We take care of cataloguing, putting in place oversight processes and producing strategic reports. This assists you to make valuable decisions for your collection.


Want to know how we can help you?

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